Dissociative Shift Principle

The Dissociative Shift Principle is obligatory wealth transfer through an independent centralized body to recipients of the authority's choosing. Those funding the transfer are necessarily unaware of the subsequent capital distribution and the recipients are unaware of the dispersement's true origins, as the distribution is promulgated and controlled by the overreaching central body. In short, the Federal Government usurps the credit for the riches bestowed upon the unwashed masses. Employmen...(read the full article)



I weep for what my nation has become.

At the risk of being coarse, my take is "screw hope." Let me tell you about my view of "hope."

Hope is for the guy in New Orleans who ignores the warnings from the governor, the weather service and the police and stays in his trash-filled apartment to "ride out" the hurricane. He ends up on the roof, doing nothing to help himself, and "hopes" someone will save him. When it takes too long, he's "let down."

Hope is for the guy who "can't ...(read the full article)


Strange Bedfellows

Liberals will sleep with anybody. No, this isn't just another off-color reference to our esteemed former President Clinton. Instead, I'm referring to political alliances. More specifically, I'm talking about those on the left who would trade in common sense for political opportunism, even at their own peril. In their determined effort to decry the Bush administration and take the offensive against all things conservative, they have ignored the advertised threat to their own lifestyle and safe...(read the full article)


Liberal Fascism at Northern Kentucky University

Dr. Jacobsen,

Your conduct regarding the vandalism of a university-approved pro-life display on campus was nothing short of reprehensible. The students who erected the display did so following all university procedures and were exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech. You may not have agreed with them or their views on this subject, but infringing upon their free exercise was absolutely wrong, and completely indefensible. ...(read the full article)


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