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Archive for December, 2004

In Praise of Insensitivity

My daughter came home from school last week with a collection of artwork she had completed during the early part of the Christmas, I mean, “holiday” season. The collection—done in the usual media, Crayola, water color and construction paper, of second grade—was pretty typical, Christmas trees, candy canes, wreaths, presents… And a detailed rendering of […]

Hitler Reborn: Eugenics All the Rage in The Nether…

Cries of anguish can be heard throughout the land when a Nativity scene is placed on government property. Dominating the headlines, news about “gay rights suppression” when marriage definition amendments are proposed becomes the concern du jour. Human rights leaders decry the abuses by militant regimes of neighboring opposition groups. But nary a word is […]

They Got the Beat

BBC Correspondent Barbara Plett apparently had been having difficulty coming to grips with the deteriorating health of Yasser Arafat. In such a tenuous emotional state had she arrived that she began crying as he was airlifted from his compound in Ramallah. Indeed, truly a heart-wrenching experience for even the most staid political journalist. Yet she […]

Hollywood Heroes, Real Life Cowards

So, we were all supposed to sit up, take note and express our admiration and appreciation for the courageous stands taken by the “artists” that make up Hollywood in “speaking out” against George Bush, the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism? We were supposed to think Natalie Maines was a heroine when she […]