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They Got the Beat

BBC Correspondent Barbara Plett apparently had been having difficulty coming to grips with the deteriorating health of Yasser Arafat. In such a tenuous emotional state had she arrived that she began crying as he was airlifted from his compound in Ramallah. Indeed, truly a heart-wrenching experience for even the most staid political journalist. Yet she was befuddled by the lack of concern and solidarity of the local population. I’m sure she must have mused about how such a great embattled leader—a true patriot of peace and middle east cultural harmony—could be overlooked during his most trying personal times. I suppose that when one is caught up by the inescapable overwhelming emotional build-up of such a situation, it’s easy to forget that the “people’s hero” being carted off was single-handedly responsible for the violent deaths of countless numbers of his own people’s children. Compelling them to strap explosives to their person, infiltrate evil Israeli military complexes like buses, shopping malls, and schools and ignite the “bomb of peace and unity” in the name of “Allah” for the collective societal benefit of the Palestinians.

Since when do presumably rational, clear-thinking individuals accept—no, make that embrace—someone in a position of power who has focused his entire political career developing a single exportable commodity—death? It’s utterly amazing that people who are fortunate enough to enjoy a public forum—a forum with which to imbue their readership with their personal philosophical beliefs—would abandon all semblance of reason and backhandedly endorse the most heinous aberration of mankind. Hardly the noble savage to which the leftists are so fond of likening this creature. Instead, he is a murderer—plain and simple. He advanced his pointless agenda through brutal attacks on the most vulnerable and innocent members of society. He killed children. What more needs to be said? And we are expected to extend sympathy for his cause? I think not. Well, at least not all of us will. There is, however, Barbara Plett. She will take up his cause. As will Jacques Chirac, the so-called “leader” of the downward-spiraling, socialist stronghold of Europe—France. And Jesse Jackson, who extends a welcoming hand of understanding and solidarity to the verminous leader. The man orders the deaths of hundreds, and Jackson greets him with a smile and a handshake. What a flattering image for Dr. King’s protégé. The U.S. military would face ceaseless denouncements from those on the international stage for even mistakenly engaging in such action. Yasser Arafat is heralded and bestowed honors of peace and political equality.

It’s inexplicable how Arafat, whose name is synonymous with terrorism, can somehow be transformed into an embattled hero for these hapless leftists. Yes, now even a man who publicly calls for the destruction of an entire state of people can be heralded as a hero and a “peacemaker” (as affirmed by the Nobel organization). It’s odd how the term “genocide” can selectively be assigned depending on race and religious orientation. That was, after all, the goal this “peacemaker” so ardently sought.

Indeed, Arafat enjoyed the rich fruits brought forth by weak politicians and myopic “journalists” who actively rewrote history while the events were still unfolding. They turned a blind eye to the innocents lost only to embrace a man with genocidal aspirations that were thinly veiled by proclamations of peace and purported desires for sovereignty and country. Yet both were ritually rejected at every opportunity.

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