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Hitler Reborn: Eugenics All the Rage in The Nether…

Cries of anguish can be heard throughout the land when a Nativity scene is placed on government property. Dominating the headlines, news about “gay rights suppression” when marriage definition amendments are proposed becomes the concern du jour. Human rights leaders decry the abuses by militant regimes of neighboring opposition groups. But nary a word is uttered when news of government-sponsored child killing becomes a matter of routine civil procedure. Do these act of barbarism spring forth from our struggling, third-world neighbors?


Instead, the assault against humanity originates from none other than the enlightened, freedom-embracing, Dutch members of European society. But this thinking is nothing new to Europeans. Seventy years ago this was attempted with the 1933 passage of the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny of the Genetically Unhealthy.” This historic predecessor was promulgated by none other than the soldier of human rights, stalwart hero of the downtrodden, protectorate of the disadvantaged: Adolph Hitler. Back then, it was call “eugenics.” Now, it’s called “merciful.” Call it whatever you like, it’s still the same thing. The Dutch, it would seem, have blown the dust from their copy of “Mein Kampf” and are now embracing some of the felled dictator’s core philosophies. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Hitler’s brainchild resurfaces in modern, post-war Europe.

Groningen University Hospital has decided its doctors will euthanize children under the age of 12 if those doctors believe a child’s suffering intolerable or if the child has an incurable illness. Incurable? Diabetes is incurable. AIDS is incurable. Spinal Bifida is incurable. Though differing in physical severity, none of the three guarantee a life without worth. Which of the three would qualify as an affliction punishable by death and who will make this determination? Odd when you think of it—they punish the disease by killing the child. Of course, these champions of genetic excellence would have you believe their motives are pure and beyond reproach. But let’s boil it down to it’s roots. In fact, it has very little to do with the interests of the afflicted. Actually, it has nothing to do with their interests at all. If the pediatric killers were to speak the truth (and don’t hold your breath waiting for that), what you would hear them say is that it is convenient. It is cost-effective. It represents closure for the real victims: the relatives, the care givers, the government. Once eliminated, the true victims of the handicapped youngster’s affliction are freed from the tremendous burden of providing for the child’s substantial needs.

The nineteenth-century English displayed far more empathy and concern for “the Elephant Man” than do the modern Dutch for their own afflicted children. At least the Victorian Britons didn’t kill Joseph Merrick. He managed to die all on his own—a luxury not afforded to the Dutch handicapped.

But the Dutch’s penchant for murdering their ailing and handicapped children should come as no surprise to anyone. They have been unflinchingly goose-stepping their way to this point for years. Beginning with killing terminally-ill people who were deemed competent and still requesting death, this was modified to include murdering folks who weren’t even terminal—they had incurable illnesses or handicaps. Not to exclude anyone, those who were merely depressed could now be killed on request. Garnering even more power still, doctors could now kill the incompetent, such as an Alzheimer’s patient—as long as they had asked for it while they were still “competent.” But with their newfound mandate to murder children, doctor’s can now use their own discretionary principles when determining the life or death fate of a malady-ridden child—when determining the worth of a child’s life. Now, they truly are judge, jury, and executioner. Finally, they have achieved a significant milestone toward attaining the status of “God.”

Soylent green anyone?

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