Let me just set the overall tone for this site. Two themes: I'm pissed and I don't care what you think. If you think you can keep that straight, great. We'll have no interaction and, therefore, we will get along just fine. If you can't, well, blow me.

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In the Ditch

Our liberal pals are in real trouble, and as a compassionate conservative, I feel an obligation to help them winch their all-inclusive bus out of the ditch and help them with an ideological front end alignment. Going into Nov. 2, the libs were riding high. John Kerry was running neck and neck with Bush in […]

Democrats: Remember the Lessons of 2004

Even today, two days after the election and just a day after John Kerry’s concession speech, Democrats are already openly speculating about the prospects of a 2008 White House run by Hillary Clinton. While this may confirm in some measure, the conspiracy theorist claim that the Clintons were hoping (and in unseen ways, working against) […]

The Paradox of the Liberal Intellectual

Extreme liberalism is little more than a flatulent philosophy made bloated by hyper-egotism, unrestrained self importance, and an over abundant sense of self. With such an array of flattering characteristics at its core, the common misnomer so often assigned to it is that much more incredible to hear. All too often I hear the misguided […]

Dismiss the Pretense and Unveil the Truth

Ah, the libs…once again they’re on the warpath, this time masking firmly rooted anti-Christian sentiments with high-minded laments and accusations of anti-Semitism and harmful depictions of violence. Of course, I’m referring to the leftist crusade du jour: the secular war against Mel Gibson and his production of “The Passion of the Christ.” Naturally, we all […]